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Emerging Each Day

I will be honest, I was sick all last week. I forgot about blogging, cleaning, farming, planning. I woke up, did the bare minimum of chores, and climbed back into pj's and onto the couch and slept, ate a bit and slept some more. It was the most obliging weather on a farm to be sick in; snowy, cold, blustery, and wet. I did not feel bad about not working on pruning or clean up, I just felt bad. I lowered my expectations and drank boatloads of hot tea and watched too many documentaries and slept through most of the second half of whatever I picked to watch. How did they adjust the mathematical models of waves to account for rogue waves anyway? I guess I'll have to wait for the next sick day and watch the second half.

Today though! Today I woke up feeling alive again and looked out my window and realized so did Western PA. The sun was definitely going to shine, the birds were singing, and the buds are showing in the trees. So today I am back, am I on schedule, NO! Am I ready for Spring to lunge forward at the breakneck pace that I think it will this week? No! But am I feeling ready to emerge from hibernation and give it a go, YES!

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